Slaughtering spots get little response in city

Slaughtering spots get little response in city


The government for the first time this year designated 538 spots across Dhaka for slaughtering of animals during Eid-ul-Azha, but the initiative has failed to get much response from the people.

Animals were slaughtered in front of houses, garages or wherever people found it convenient like previous years, littering the streets with blood and waste.

The government designated 208 spots in Dhaka North City Corporation and 330 in South.

Of the 10 spots correspondents visited until noon, eight were almost empty.

Many said they did not want to put the ‘extra’ labour for carrying the meat to their houses from the designated spots, while others alleged city corporations did not campaign properly about the initiative.

The city corporations, however, said the response was meagre, as it was for the first time such arrangements were made.

They hoped the citizens would get used to the new system gradually.

The main congregation at National Eidgah was held at 8am, but the congregations at mosques in various localities started at 7am.

The slaughtering started after the prayers.


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