Sleep tight and don't let the sharks bite at Paris aquarium

Sleep tight and don’t let the sharks bite at Paris aquarium


A diver takes pictures as people look at sharks from an underwater room structure installed in the Aquarium of Paris.The house rules are clear: No swimming at night, keep your head and feet in the bedroom at all times, and avoid watching “Jaws” beforehand. It might put you off the sharks circling your bed.”Sharks are really, really misunderstood … People need to understand that sharks are not dangerous, there are only dangerous behaviours with sharks,” Buyle said.

“It’s a great opportunity to show people that you can swim with sharks, you can be with sharks and nothing bad happens, but also that we need to protect the sharks because they are like crucial for the ecosystem. If sharks disappear, we disappear, basically.”The structure, which was tested for durability in the waters of the Mediterranean, will be open to competition winners on April 11, 12 and 13, after which it will be a turned into a research hub.
source: Reuters


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