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Soaring prices ahead of Ramadan irk BNP


Dhaka – BNP on Sunday alleged that a business syndicate ‘belonging to the ruling party’ has started raising unusually the prices of various commodities, including garlic, onion, gram and vegetable, ahead of Ramadan, unb news agency reported.
Speaking at a press briefing at BNP’s Nayapaltan Central office, BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi also said the government has turned out to be unable to strongly monitor the market.
“Ramadan is going to begin next month. Garlic price has already marked a rise by Tk 70 per kg, while onion and vegetable by Tk 20-25 and that of gram has just doubled in a day on Saturday,” he said.The BNP leader further said, “People will go through unbearable sufferings during this fasting month as the government has neither any control over the market nor has any monitoring system. Middlemen and brokers are controlling everything. Ruling party men are involved in syndication of marketing all the agricultural produces.”
He alleged that hunger, poverty and crisis have now replaced democracy and peace in the country due to the government’s ‘misrule and repressive acts’.
Rizvi also said though the salaries of the President and the Prime Minister and some other people have been raised, the majority people find it hard to cope with the growing prices of daily essentials as there has been no rise in their income.
“House rents, utility service costs, including that of gas, power and water, have doubled. People’s buying capacity is in tatter amid the soaring prices,” he observed.
The common people are passing their days in a miserable condition due to the government’s failure to rein in the skyrocketing prices, the BNP leader added.
Showing some pictures published in newspapers, Rizvi said hungry people now look for food in trash bins alongside VIP roads through which the President, the Prime Minister and Ministers travel. “The sign of famine in the country looms again.”


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