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Social movement against using steroids for fattening cattle stressed


Speakers at a participatory discussion in Rajshahi unequivocally called for forging social movement against using steroid for fattening cattle ahead of the holy Eid-ul-Azha in Rajshahi region.They viewed a section of unscrupulous farmers and traders are allegedly feeding and injecting their cattle steroid hormones to fatten up the sacrificial animals posing a serious threat to the public health.The observations came at a seminar styled “Fattened Animals with Steroid is Harmful for Public Health” held at the conference hall of Rajshahi Chamber of Commerce and Industries yesterday afternoon. Bangladesh Livestock Society (BLS) organized the seminar.Vice-chancellor of Rajshahi University Prof Dr Mijanuddin and Prof Dr Aminur Rahman from Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University in Gazipur addressed the programme as chief and special guests respectively with Prof Dr Jalal Uddin Sarder, President of BLS, in the chair.Prof Dr Tanzima Yeasmin of RU, Director of Krishi Goveshona Foundation Dr Kazi Komor Uddin, Upazila Livestock Officer Dr Asim Kumar Ghosh, Deputy Director of Health Dr Gaziul Alam and BLS Secretary Dr Hemayetul Islam also spoke.The discussants said that a number of greedy cattle farmers are allegedly using human drugs like Periactin Vita, Oradexon and Decason tablets belonging to dexa-methasone group, a kind of steroid, for rapid fattening of the sacrificial animals in short days before the Eid as they are out to earn windfall profit from cattle business during this time.They fed their animals such tablets after hearing from people. Though the cattle became somewhat weak initially, they became fat subsequently. After one to two months, those cattle were sold. They follow the method as it is cheaper and easier.As a result, these cattle are being infected with various diseases. If people consume the meat of the affected cattle, they will also be infected with various diseases, the experts warned. Dr Gaziul Alam said the steroid can cause diabetes, high blood pressure, skin rashes and headaches and is highly addictive. It can also weaken the immune system and leaves patients more susceptible to illnesses. The banned steroid tablets are sold at the drug stores and grocery shops.During his keynote presentation, Dr Jalal Uddin Sarder said the cattle‘s kidneys and liver don‘t function properly if these drugs are fed them. As a result, water cannot pass from their bodies. Subsequently, water enters the meat of the cattle and the animals look fat.Under the fattening method, a number of 20-25 tablets are fed to cattle and it creates unusual pressure on the kidney and different organs—the drug slowly affect the normal circulation of urine of the animal, he said, adding that within few days the cattle looks fat when the urine comes to its whole body. About scientific cattle fattening method, Dr Jalal Sarder said the cattle need to feed right proportion of urea, molasses and straw (UMS) daily for about three months.On the other hand, the rapid method of cattle fattening even may cause death of the animal within 20-25 days after giving the drug.It increases their appetite, making them gain weight rapidly and giving the appearance that these poorly nourished cattle are in fact healthy and older – attracting buyers.Dr Sarder Jalal Uddin, a professor of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Department of Rajshahi University, said: “The high dose of such harmful drugs also affects several internal organs of the animal and ultimately the animal fails to response the normal treatment”.“A lack of awareness, easy availability and malpractices of quacks are some of the prime causes of why these drugs are being abused,” he added.“There have been attempts to raise awareness on the negative impact of the use of such medicine but the seasonal cattle farmers are a long way from withdrawing such practices,” said Dr Jalal.“We have an uphill battle, yet it can be won. There needs to be greater regulation in the sale of such drugs. Government and the state must play an active role,” he added.BSS, Rajshahi


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