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ASAAL protests NY murder of Bangladeshi women


New York – The Alliance of South Asian American Labor (ASAAL) stands in solidarity with hundreds of Bangladeshis and millions of Americans to mourn the pre-planned stabbing death of Nazma Khanam (60) only a few feet from her home, in the heart of the Muslim community of Jamaica Hills, Queens, New York on September 1, 2016. She was killed due to the way she looked, the dress she wore, and the God she worshipped, to us, it is a vicious hate crime! We are deeply shocked and express our heartiest sorrow to the victim’s family and friends while urging our communities not to be silent anymore!“This heinous crime must STOP now! We urge our elected officials to do all they can as it is increasingly happening as we have seen only a few weeks ago Maulana Alauddin Akunjee (55) and his assistant Tara Uddin (75) were gunned down in broad day light in Ozone Park, Queens only a few miles away from the current crime scene. It only means that our elected officials can’t STOP these killings by only issuing press releases, using tweets, and giving speeches rather we demand their forceful action”, said ASAAL Founder and President Maf Misbah Uddin.
“On an election year where a major party candidate is promoting violence, racism, Islamophobia, homophobia and xenophobia we must stand shoulder to shoulder with our politicians and elected officials and stay vigilant until we defeat a hate monger, bigot, evil, idiotic, ego-centric, liar, misogynist candidate and his supporters”, he added.
These hate crimes are not just happening now. There has been a trend and we have been very vocal but not much has been done or enough attention was given! We shouted after the death of Mizanur Rahmanon August 11, 2016 and Nazmul Islam in 2014 both in the Ozone Park area. In addition, Mujibur Rahman was assaulted on January15, 2016 in Parkchester, Bronx; A deli grocery shop owner Sarker Hassan was attacked in his own store among many other crimes across the five boroughs that are occurring in the Muslim community almost daily.
ASAAL remains vigilant and wholeheartedly dedicated in forming a community where all people can live without fear of being targeted for their looks, their color, or their faith. When we are together we are stronger and we call for all political, religious, and civic leaders to unite against prejudice and violence directed at any group, in any place, at any time. – ASAAL National Executive Council


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