Special education zone!

Special education zone!


A special news “PM opens work on special economic zones” published in a daily has drawn my attention. Undoubtedly, Establishing ten more special economic zones are good initiatives but none of them is in Rangpur or Rajshahi divisions. Government secondary schools are crying need in Rajshahi division. But when the present government open new/double shift secondary schools none was in Rajshahi districts. These two divisions are lagging behind in all respects but when the AL government came to power for the first time they promised to develop all the districts of country equally.

Bangladesh has progressed in many areas but the education sector not so much. Many countries attract foreign students from other countries so they have developed their secondary education along with tertiary education. Therefore, at least two zones can be developed maintaining international standard under a project where all facilities will be ensured and these zones can be called special education zones. We all know every year a large number of students are going abroad for studies. So, they can get education of international standard in our country along with foreign students.
It makes me happy that our PM said a few days ago that she will get treatment in our hospital.
I would like to draw the attention of our PM to consider establishing special education zones to pave the way for strengthening our economy.
Md. Tofazzel Hossian


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