Spielberg wants new 'Indiana Jones'

Spielberg wants new ‘Indiana Jones’


Film director Steven Spielberg said Monday that he would love to shoot a fifth “Indiana Jones” film before the hero of the series, Harrison Ford, hits 80.The Hollywood legend told French radio RTL that he was itching to make another episode of the adventures of the fictional archaeologist that began 34 years ago with “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.
“I am hoping one day to make it to an Indiana Jones V. I would hope to make it before Harrison Ford is 80 and I get much older,” said Spielberg, who is himself 68.Ford, who is 73, survived crash-landing his vintage World War II trainer plane on a Santa Monica golf course in March.Despite suffering serious injuries, the veteran actor — who shot to fame playing Han Solo in the first “Star Wars” film in 1977 — has reportedly made a full recovery.
There had been speculation that Shia LaBeouf, who played Jones’ sidekick Mutt Williams in the last of the swashbucklers, the “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” in 2008, might take up the hero’s bullwhip.But Spielberg’s comments — made during an interview about his latest film, Cold War thriller “Bridge of Spies” — seemed to indicate that Ford could yet be asked to get his old bones into the role for one last hurrah.


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