Sporshia files divorce

Sporshia files divorce


Actress Orchita Sporshia and director Rafsan Ahsan had a married life together for just two years. Sources state that they applied for divorce this Sunday.

This was confirmed by Rafsan himself. He told the press that he officially applied for a divorce at the capital’s Mohammadpur kazi office. He said that this was a mutual decision.

Rafsan also said, “We decided to separate. We still love and respect each other, but the overall situation got very complicated. Though we can’t stay with each other anymore, we’ll always have respect for each other.”

Later on, Sporshia told the press that their marriage wasn’t a love marriage and they suddenly decided to get married on October 2015. She also said that they tried their best to get along for a year but during last year’s November, they felt that things aren’t working for them. As a result, she herself asked Rafsan for a divorce.

When asked why she suddenly took such a decision, she told the press that she didn’t want to comment on the matter. She also added that if it was a matter relating only to herself she would have commented on it, but Rafsan is also involved, and she didn’t want to turn him into a focus of gossip. She also said that they both have respect for each other and she wants to keep it that way.

When asked if they tried to resolve the situation, she replied that there are a lot of problems and it just wasn’t working out. And they didn’t want to stretch something for five years and then take a sudden decision – thus the sudden divorce to end the matter early.

She also confirmed that there wasn’t any third person involved in their relationship. She didn’t get involved with someone else and neither did Rafsan. She cleared out that they didn’t have any such issues during their married life.

When asked about her future plans, she informed the press that she is currently totally focused on working in films. She also added that she loves to travel so she wants to just work, earn and travel to every corner of the world.


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