Sporshia inside a cupboard

Sporshia inside a cupboard


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Popular actress and model Orchita Sporshia recently spent four long hours inside a cupboard. She wasn’t trapped inside it, but did it for the sake of shooting in a play titled Rongin Didha.

The shoot was carried out inside a room of a hotel in Dhaka’s Shantinagar area, where Orchita was kept sitting inside a cupboard. Riaz acts alongside Sporshia in the play, which was written and directed by Azisul Haque and Shamim Shahed respectively.

“In the play, I act in the role of a sex worker who has to hide herself inside a room at a certain point of the story. The director wanted to shoot the scene in one long take. The cupboard was so small that it was difficult to repeatedly go inside and come out of it. So until and unless the shot was ‘ok,’ I had to stay inside. I sat inside the cupboard for four hours,” Sporshia said.

Much excited about her role, Sporshia says she had to go through experiences that were unprecedented. The shooting was done a week ago and is scheduled to go on-air during Eid on Channel i.

Dipa Khondokar acted in the play as well.


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