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Standard Bangla should be used everywhere


In little over two months, we will be recalling the sacrifices of 21st February with compassion and respect from our heart. Those who sacrificed their lives for establishing Bangla as the state language in 1952, will be remembered and respected by all on that day. The twenty-first February is being observed as the international mother language day for several years. But when we see Bangla spelling mistakes in the textbook of NCTB, in the advertisement of undergraduate university admission test, renowned Bangla newspapers, signboards of educational institutions and government institutions, posters, government websites and so on, then we are not properly respecting Bangla nor the martyr of the Language Movement.
A lot of work has been done for Bangla but yet we have no online dictionary (Bangla-English and English-Bangla) of Bangla, spell checker in Bangla, synonyms of Bangla words, no website to learn Bangla Language as a Bangladeshi or as a foreigner.
We urge the concerned to authorities to take some steps for using standard Bangla before the 21st February 2018.
Mawduda Hasnin
Mawduda Hasnin <>


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