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Stay alert against conspiracies, PM tells AL activists
Sheikh Hasina

Stay alert against conspiracies, PM tells AL activists

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday urged the Awami League leaders and activists to remain alert against all conspiracies keeping in mind that the party is moving forward fighting various odds and obstacles.

“The conspirators are still conspiring …their conspiracies are going on…we’ve to move forward keeping that in mind,” she said.

The Prime Minister said this when AL leaders accorded an instant reception to her at Ganobhaban for her successful completion of the US visit to attend the 73rd UNGA, brightening the country’s image.

During the visit, Sheikh Hasina received prestigious ‘International Achievement Award’ given by Inter Press Service, a global news agency, for her dynamic and farsighted leadership in addressing Rohingya crisis while Global Hope Coalition conferred upon her the ‘2018 Special Recognition for Outstanding Leadership Award’.

She returned home on Monday morning completing her weeklong visit to the United States.

The Prime Minister said some MP aspirants are seen undermining local AL leaders to create positions for themselves in their respective areas. “This is a wrong way of doing politics…all will have to pay dearly for this.”

In this connection, Hasina mentioned the party’s defeat in the elections in 1991 and 2001. “There was a deep-rooted conspiracy in 2001, while the conspiracy in 1991 was from within and outside the party,” she recalled.

The Prime Minister said Awami League leaders and activists always have to think there are strong opponents out there who are the defeated forces of 1971 and the killers of 1975. “We’re advancing through a struggle…our struggle is not over yet.”

About the country’s progress, Hasina said though Bangladesh has earned a dignified position on the world stage, there is no room for complacency as it will invite an inevitable fall. “There’s no room for complacency…when there’s any complacency the fall is inevitable.”

To foil the 1971 victory, she said, the Father of the Nation had been assassinated. “They’re constantly hatching conspiracies,” she said.

The Prime Minister said a class of people has emerged out of these conspiracies who never do the politics of vote as they have no capability to form a party.

“But, they’ve the desire to go to power. For this, they shake hands with the defeated force of 1971 and killers of 1975. They’re always behind us,” she said adding that the AL leaders and activists always have to keep that in mind.

Without naming anyone, the Prime Minister said some newspapers are ready to confuse people with huge false information. “I know, they’re sitting with information, they will release those one after another, they’ll confuse people about our all achievements with false information.”

Hasina also mentioned that ministries and the ACC took those seriously and start work against the party people. “We have to remain alert,” she said.

The Prime Minister described her participation in the 73rd Session of the UNGA and other high-level events as well as her meetings with world leaders as very successful.

She said the lost glory and dignity of the country and its people have been regained in the international arena following her government’s massive steps.

About the politics of votes, she said, many are now speaking about fair and neutral votes, but they never talk about the so-called “Yes” “No” vote introduced by military dictator Ziaur Rahman.

She mentioned it is Awami League that established the voting rights of people in Bangladesh.

Hasina called upon the people of the country, including leaders and workers of her party, to keep vigil against conspiracies to make elections questionable just ahead of the next general election.

source: UNB