Subservient govt won't realise due share of Teesta

Subservient govt won’t realise due share of Teesta


Terming the present government illegal and subservient one, BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Tuesday said this government would not be able to realize due sharing of water of Teesta river.
“India has built 14 dams in the upstream causing declining the water flow in the downwards. They (India) is withdrawing water from upstream illegally,” he said while addressing a rally at Gobindaganj Model High School in Gaibandha on way to party long march towards Teest Barrage in Nilphamari.He said there is no base of the present government. We have to force the government to hold a participatory election to establish the government of people.
The BNP leader said the water of Teesta river is not a blessing of someone rather the rights of people of Bangladesh.
He claimed that the present government would not be able to realize the due share of Teesta water as it provided India the all hammers of bargaining including transit, corridor and the use of Chitttagong port willingly.
“This government proved that it will not be able to realize due share of water of Teesta river. Thus we have to establish a government of people through holding a participatory polls,” he said.
Fakhrul mentioned that Bangladesh used to get over 2,500 cusec water from Teest river during lean season but now the quantity declined to only 400 cusec.
He however said that they came to know that the quantity of water at Teesta Barrage increased to 1,600 cusec today following the beginning the long march. The BNP leader termed it as a preliminary victory of their movement.
Accusing the government of carrying out killing, disappearing and abduction, he warned that no government could sustain in power for long by resorting to these.
“Nomrud, Feraun could not keep in power by resorting to killing and repression. Aiyub- Yahiya, Ershad and even Sheikh Mujibur Rahman could not keep in power. This government will also not be able to keep in power for long through this way,” he added.
The BNP leader called upon the government particularly the police administration to stop repression to their opponents saying that this government is not a permanent government.
He warned that if BNP voted to power it would give befitting reply to each of the repression and oppression.
Fakhrul said the long march is not either against the government or against Indian government rather it is aiming at to create pressure on India to provide due share of waters of all common rivers including g Teesta river and create awareness among the people about it.
He said the livelihood of about three crore people in the north-western part of the country is at stalk as they are deprived due share of Teesta water.
The boro cultivation is being hampered and bio-diversity is being destroyed due to shortage of water in Teesta Barrage area, he added.
He urged the government to take immediate steps to make India agree to sign an agreement on Teesta water sharing and called upon the people to get united and raise their voice for forcing India to give Bangladesh its due share of Teesta water and sign the deal in this regard.
Maj (Retd) Hafiz Uddin Ahmed said Bangladesh turned into a victim of water aggression by India.
The long march began from Uttara at about 9:00am with the announcement of party acting secretary general Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.
On the first day of the long march, the BNP secretary general also addressed street rallies at Kaliakoir Bypass in Gazipur, Tangail Bypass in Tangail, Koddar Moor in Sirajganj, Matirdhali in Bogra and Polashbari in Gaibandha.
BNP standing committee member Nazrul Islam Khan, Maj (Retd) Hafiz Uddin Ahmed, Abdullah Al Noman, Dr Osman Faruk, Begum Selima Rahman, Shahid Uddin Chowdhury Annie, Nazim Uddin Alam, Khairul Kabir Khokan, Dr Asaduzzaman Ripon, Moazzem Hossain Alal, Sultan Salahuddin Tuku, Shamsul Alam Tofa, Shirin Sultana and Benjir Ahmed Tito, among others, also addressed the street rallies.
After the overnight stay in Rangpur, the longmarchers will restart the long march towards Teesta Barrage in Nilphamari after holding a public rally in the town at 9:00am on Wednesday.
The two-day long march will end by holding a public meeting at Dalia point of Teesta Barrage at 11:00am today (Wednesday).
Organisers expect that around three lakh people would take part in the public meeting at Dalia point.
As part of the BNP’s move to launch issue-based movement, the long march programme was announced on last Wednesday.
This is for the first time the BNP stages a big programme after assuming the present government in office following the January 5 parliamentary polls.
Over 100 vehicles took part in the long march programme from Dhaka and more vehicles joined the programme from districts on way to Teesta Barrage.
Kazi Sayedul Alam Babul and Humayun kabir khan jointly presided over the rally at Kaliakoir while AhmadAzam Khan at Tangail bypass, Iqbal Hasan Mahmud Tuku at Koddar Moor, Joynal Abedin Chand at Matidhali of Bogra, Abdul Mannan Mandol at Gobindaganj and Abul Kalam Azad at Polashbari in Gaibandha. From our Special Correspondent


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