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Sustainable tech must to reduce risk of natural disasters: Experts


Experts yesterday emphasized for ensuring sustainable technology, identification of vulnerable infrastructures and its remedy to reduce causalities from the risk of natural disasters.They also suggested how to protect the country from other disasters caused due to climate change.

They suggested the government for taking both short- and long-term initiatives immediately to face the natural calamities.

The government has taken initiative to set up a ‘national emergency operation centre’ to keep continue the central command and operation during any possible big disaster in the country, disaster management and relief minister Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya said yesterday.

“The national emergency operation centre will be constructed with Japanese standard and it would be a centre of excellence. We have already sought assistance to the Japan government in this regard,” the minister said while inaugurating the “international disaster reduce day 2015’ in the city’s Osmani Memorial Auditorium.

Among others, parliamentary standing committee chairman Dhirendra Devnath Shambhu, secretary of the disaster management and relief ministry Mohammad Shah Kamal, director general of disaster management directorate Riaz Ahmed, director general of fire service and civil defence directorate Brig Gen Ali Ahmad Khan also spoke on the occasion.

However, Bangladesh has yet to adequate preparations and awareness programmes to face big natural disaster like earthquake.

Considering the country as disaster prone, Bangladesh does not have adequate preparations and modern equipment to battle such a catastrophe. Experts emphasized the need for preparedness and awareness programmes by the government to face such disasters in the future.

According to different data, some 1,42,000 out of 1,80,000 buildings in the south-eastern port city of Chittagong, 24,000 of 52,000 in north-eastern Sylhet and 78,000 out of 3,26,000 buildings in Dhaka have been found vulnerable to any major quake.

Experts have warned that “if an earthquake measuring 7 on the Richter scale strikes Bangladesh, around 1,31,000 people are likely to die, and one-fourth of the buildings will collapse.”

Against this backdrop, Bangladesh is observing international disaster reduce day 2015 with a theme ‘knowledge for life’.

Project director of the national Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme (CDMP) Abdul Qayum presented the key essay on disaster.

He emphasized for implementation three aspects—sendai framework on disaster, sustainable technology and dialogue on climate change to minimize possible casualties due to natural disaster in his essay.

The government has taken Tk 158 crore project to procure modern equipments to rescue victims during disasters.

Besides, 60,000 volunteers will be trained for urban areas, he said, adding that 30,000 volunteers has already been trained.


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