Tabith Awal questions EC's sincerety about fair polls

Tabith Awal questions EC’s sincerety about fair polls


BNP backed mayor candidate for Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) Tabith Awal yesterday questioned the sincerity of the Election Commission in discharging its duties during the just concluded April 28 three city polls following the Constitution.
“It unfortunate that the government has not only failed miserably to discharge its constitutional responsibilities during the election but it has turned the institution as a loyal organisation of the government,” he said in an open letter issued yesterday.Tabith Awal, who along with BNP backed two other mayoral aspirants, boycotted the city polls in themidway of voting, accused the Election Commission of not taking his over 100 complaints he had submitted before and during the polls in the DNCC in its cognizance and any action in this regard.
He alleged that the EC has intentionally followed the government directives to win ruling party backed candidates and remain inactive while widespread rigging was taken place in almost each polling centre.
Tabith, son of Abdul Awal Mintoo, also alleged that the EC had published the gazette without taking the allegation into cognizance raised about the irregularities during the poll.
The EC played an inactive role in deploying of military at the polling centres by its hidden directives. If the army would have been deployed, the pro-government hooligans would not have been able to snatch the voting rights of the citizens.
The people have lost the trust on the role of the EC to hold free and fair election during the regime of the current government as the ministers the government declared their will to win the poll by any means but the EC remained inactive without taking any action of violation of electoral code of conduct.
“In this election someone has been declared winner but the democracy and the right of the common people has been loser,” he said.
“I know I will not get answer of my queries but kept the question to your conscience and your ethics. It is a constitutional responsibility of the election commission to hold a free and fair election. How far you are able to fulfill your duty,” he asked.
“I ask the question as the whole electoral procedure and faith of the people have been diminished on your role during the city corporation election. Do you consider that you are doing justice tothe post you are holding,” he asked.
“I expect for the greater wellbeing of the nation you will take decision to relieve the nation from this curse. With your wise decision democracy will be upheld and the Bangladesh will win,” he reiterated. – Staff Reporter


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