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শ্রীলঙ্কায় সন্ত্রাসী হামলার ঘটনায় পীর সাহেব চরমোনাই’র নিন্দা

ইসলামী আন্দোলন বাংলাদেশের আমীর চরমোনাই পীর মুফতি সৈয়দ মোহাম্মদ রেজাউল করিম বলেছেন, শ্রীলঙ্কার রাজধানী কলম্বোসহ কয়েকটি শহরের একাধিক গির্জা ও আবাসিক হোটেল, মুসলিমদের বিভিন্ন ব্যবসা প্রতিষ্ঠান ও মসজিদেও হামলায় তিন শতাধিক মানুষ নিহত ও ৬০০ জন আহতের ঘটনায় তীব্র নিন্দা ও প্রতিবাদ জানিয়েছেন। আজ এক বিবৃতিতে পীর সাহেব চরমোনাই বলেন, এ হামলাকারীদের অবিলম্বে বিচারের আওতায় আনতে হবে। তিনি বলেন, ফিলিস্তিন, ... Read More »

Haftar’s march on Tripoli

By Afro-Middle East Centre (AMEC) Khalifa Haftar’s 4 April announcement declaring his march on Tripoli, and the subsequent of the Libyan capital by his forces, threaten to gravely impact the already tenuous process of placing the country on a more inclusive and representative trajectory and highlights his intention to subjugate all of Libya to his rule. As a result of ... Read More »

129 killed in Sri Lanka Easter Sunday blasts

Sri Lanka, Apr 21 (AP/UNB) — Sri Lanka’s state-run newspaper has reported that 129 people have died in a series of Easter Sunday blasts targeting three churches and three hotels. Daily News says more than 500 others have been hospitalized with injuries caused by the blasts. A senior official told The Associated Press that the death toll has reached 138 ... Read More »

Costs of post-9/11 US wars to 2019: $5.9 trillion

By Neta C. Crawford Nov 2018 –The United States has appropriated and is obligated to spend an estimated $5.9 trillion on the war on terror through the Fiscal Year 2019, including direct war and war-related spending and obligations for future spending on post-9/11 war veterans. This number differs substantially from the Pentagon’s estimates of the costs of the post-9/11 wars ... Read More »

Arms snatched from Police Sub-Inspector in N’ganj

Narayanganj, Jan 26 – Some youths attacked an on-duty policeman and snatched his revolver at Cholapara village in Rupganj Upazila on Saturday night. Witnesses said two groups of villagers locked into a fight following a football match among themselves in the evening. Informed by locals, a team of police from Bhulta Police Station, led by sub-inspector Naziuzzaman, appeared at the ... Read More »

‘কর্মসূচিতে বাধা, নির্বাচন প্রতারণার জন্য ক্ষমা চাওয়া উচিত’

একাদশ জাতীয় সংসদ নির্বাচনে অংশগ্রহণকারী ইসলামী আন্দোলন বাংলাদেশের ২৯৮জন প্রার্থী নির্বাচনের ফলাফল বাতিল করে পূনঃনির্বাচনের দাবিতে প্রেসিডেন্টের কাছে স্মারকলিপি দিয়েছে। প্রেসক্লাবের সামনে থেকে আজ এ কর্মসূচি পালনের কথা থাকলেও পুলিশের বাধায় বিএমএ ভবনের সামনে প্রার্থীরা জমায়েত হয়। Read More »

‘New arrivals’ cloud Rohingya repatriation prospect

The worsening situation in Rakhine brings worries Dhaka, Jan 13 – Despite Bangladesh’s “serious efforts” to resume the halted repatriation process, the recent deteriorating condition in the Rakhine State of Myanmar has brought “much worries” among all concerned, clouding the repatriation prospect, officials indicate. Read More »

AL lodges complains of attacks on its activists

It demands free movement of journalists on election day Dhaka, Dec 25 – Awami League on Tuesday again lodged a complaint with the Election Commission that BNP-Jamaat men continued attacking Awami League leaders and activists as well as police in addition to using black money to thwart the election. Read More »

Wisdom helps soften rude political vocabulary in Bangladesh

Mostafa Kamal Majumder A charged political atmosphere that the long-awaited start of the process of general elections has created in Bangladesh has a calm undertone – thanks to the wisdom and pragmatism of the newly formed opposition alliance and its leader Dr Kamal Hossain. The last election of 2014 was boycotted by the BNP and almost all major political parties ... Read More »