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Tahsaan, Apurba, Nisho together for the first time

Tahsaan, Apurba, Nisho together for the first time

Cultural Correspondent
Three popular TV drama actors Tahsaan Khan, Apurba and Afran Nisho will be seen together for the first time in a narrative tale. They will be seen in a web production titled “Dwitio Koishore”, which is set for a January 23 release date on Bioscope. Shihab Shaheen, the director of last year’s full-length film “Chhuye Dile Mon” has directed the web drama that would run for sixty minutes. Although made as a web drama Shihab claims that it is built in the format of a full-length feature film, incorporating all the pros and cons of this medium. The film is about the thoughts, reflections and realizations of three young men in their 30s. Other noted actors of the web film are-Sanjida Preeti, Nazia Haque Orsha, Raisa Orpa, Rifat Jahan and more.
Relating to the content and plot of his new production, Shihab Shahin said, “Bringing the three actors together is a rare feat. The quality of the content of the project has helped in this regard.” He further added that the rising digital platform has immense possibilities, all kinds of experimentations are possible here.
About this unique project Apurba said, “Three of us are rarely seen together. The good part is that the three of us are also good friends beyond the scope of the screen. Shihab Shahin is a talented director and this fact has added hype to this production.”
Afran Nisho said, “Digital platforms are becoming like archives. Though viewer count is a big factor here, it should not be regarded as the deciding factor for the success of a production since the platform is still developing in our country with numbers of artistes, viewers and platforms increasing.”
Tahsaan Khan said, “Digital platform is a rising trend. But actually it is the quality of the content that decides the reception among the viewers.”