Tahsan releases Obhiman Aamar

Tahsan releases Obhiman Aamar


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Popular musician and actor Tahsan launched his much-anticipated album Obhiman Aamar at GPHouse on Thursday. At the event, Tahsan charted out his future plans to the media during the formal launch of the album.

The music video of the title track from the album, “Obhiman Aamar” was released on the night before Eid, and has already created quite a buzz on social media. The album contains a total of seven songs, six of which were written by Tahsan himself, while the other track was jointly written by Fazbir Taj and Tahsan. Three of the songs were composed by Tahsan, while Sajid Sarkar and Nahid Noman Arup composed two songs each.

Out of his love and respect for the recently demised Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington, Tahsan dedicated a song titled “Koshto” from his latest album to the highly popular international artist.

As an album, Obhiman Amar is a standout for Tahsan, who has revealed many of his untold stories through the album. To share those untold stories and the background stories of the album, the singer uploaded five vlogs on his official Facebook page before the release of the album.

Tahsan’s fans were in for a few surprises at the end of the press conference when the artist announced two competitions for his fans. Among the contests, Cover Contest, provides the Tahsan aficionados with an opportunity to share stage with Tahsan by covering his tracks. The other competition is titled “A Wish Come True with Tahsan.”

There were also surprise announcements regarding Tahsan’s visit to the US and a concert scheduled for October where he will sing tracks from the latest album.

Obhiman Aamar has been released on GP Music. Moreover, the music videos have been released on Grameenphone’s Bioscope platform.


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