Telefilm 'Megher Canvas' on painter's love life

Telefilm ‘Megher Canvas’ on painter’s love life


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A drama on the oscillating mindset of a painter regarding love will go on air on Maasranga Television on October 27 at 8.30pm. The telefilm is the first one by Tarunnalok. It has been titled “Megher Canvas.”In the drama painter Megh first comes across grief-stricken Ira. He immediately wants paint her on his canvas. In the process of painting and conversation he falls in love with Ira. Ira also probably starts dreaming about making him her husband. But in middle of all this comes up Pori in one lonely night before Megh. She claims to be the ‘devi’ of the night and her job is to sell time. Megh also gets fascinated by her and intends to throw an exhibition with artworks on her. Megh intends to make her his beloved, but she is not so eager. Thus continues the triangular love story between Megh-Ira-Pori.
Actors of the drama are Irfan Sazzad, Tanzika Amin, Tasnuva Tisha, RJ Sabbir Hasan, Shelly Ahsan Shelly. Abu Bakar Siddique Navid is the writer, composer and singer of song in the telefilm. Sourav Bose has produced the telefilm with script and screenplay from Dayal Saha and Farid Uddin Mohammad while Farid Uddin has also played the role of the director.


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