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The plight of commuters


Now almost all buses are seating services though most of the buses do not have the minimum facilities for this particularly in the Gazipur Paribahan buses which travel between Motijheel and Gazipur. People have to pay double fares to go to their destinations. There is no fare chart, so conductor charges more particularly for those who do not know the fare. So, hot talks are found very often between conductors and passengers.In reality, people are also facing the same problems in travelling shorter distances by buses. If one gets a chance to travel one has to pay the exorbitant fare. There are a few local buses but it is difficult to board these and for a lady to board on these buses is near impossible.
Furthermore, mad rush and overtaking is a great problem and many accidents are occurring due to this. Bus drivers are also found using horns unnecessarily badly affecting commuters, particularly children and patients. Traffic jam and dilapidated roads only add to their woes.
Mawduda Hasnin
Mawduda Hasnin<>


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