There was a plan to commit big incidents in country: PM

There was a plan to commit big incidents in country: PM


Sheikh HasinaPrime minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday accused the BNP-Jamaat clique again of carrying out the recent secret killings in the country and said the government will surely take actions against those responsible for the murders, no matter who they are.”Those who will commit such killings, whoever he or she is, we’ll surely take actions against them. It’s our duty to provide security to people, we’re very much aware in this regard,” she said.The prime minister said this while delivering her speech on the proposed budget for 2016-17 fiscal participating in the general discussion in parliament.

Recalling the recent incident taken place in Madaripur where one person was held by local people while attacking a teacher. “Let me congratulate the local people for their courageous role,” she said But the prime minister posed a question saying why Khaleda Zia shed her crocodile tears for the attackers who lost his life in crossfire.”The person who attacked a college teacher and was caught red-handed by the local people, why Khaleda Zia is shedding her crocodile tears for him, this is my question,” she said.Hasina said this proves that BNP-Jamaat has the link to these secret killings. “They’re trying to create an unstable situation in the country through such killings as people restricted their evil move earlier when they were engaged in daylight killings through arson attacks.”She also came down heavily on the BNP chief for her continuous ‘falsehood’ in the name of taking part in We go to iftar mahfils to take the name of Allah and Rasul [PBUH], but that lady goes to iftar mahfils just to utter bad words against others, this is her character…I won’t say more than this, people will judge this.”Sheikh Hasina said her government when it came to power took a stern stance not to allow any terrorism and militancy in the country. “We also won’t allow anyone can use our soil to commit terrorism and militant activities in others land,” she said.Sheikh Hasina, the leader of the House, said the government has demonstrated a very strong stance in this connection. “Even then some incidents are happening, we’re taking immediate actions against these, law enforcement agencies are very much aware about that,” she claimed.The prime minister said there was a plan to commit some big incidents in the country. “But our intelligence agencies have given us information in due time, we’ve tackled those,” she added.Describing her government’s activities on various sectors of the country, Hasina said by the country would move towards socioeconomic development further with the budget placed for the next fiscal year.


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