"They don't want me to live!" Bangladeshi women said before death

“They don’t want me to live!” Bangladeshi women said before death


Jamaica Hills (NY) — The aunt of my neighborhood was fatally stabbed as she walked home with my uncle (husband) in Queens on Wednesday night.My Auntee Nazma Khanam, was a 60-year- old former English teacher from Bangladesh, was stabbed in the torso outside 160-12 Normal Rd., near 160th Street, as she and her husband returned from their small souvenir shop in Jamaica about 9:15 p.m., They'd stopped to get groceries on their way home, but Anti (Khanam) walked about two blocks up a hill ahead of her 75-year- old husband, who was delayed by his ailing health.
“When (Uncle) started to walk, he heard somebody screaming, “Somebody killed me! Somebody killed me!” They don’t want me to live”! Uncle didn’t realize it was his wife screaming. He told me when he got closer, he knows her voice.
She lay down. He asked her what happened and he felt blood in his hands. He was asking, “What happened? What happened?”
Khanam was taken to Jamaica Hospital and her husband and some relatives followed, family said. About 10 p.m., they found out Anti ( Khanam )died.
“He fell down and was crying,” Uncle (Husband) said. “We’re really sad. We didn’t expect that.”
The uncle (husband), a former college chemistry professor, and wife had emigrated from Bangladesh about 2010 with their two sons and daughter “for a better life,” family and friends said.
Her body will be sent back to Bangladesh, Friday Night.
Her funeral prayer was held on Friday about 2 p.m. at the Jamaica Muslim Center at 85-37 168th St. – Press release from New Tork


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