Those for removing Zia's grave livie in fools' paradise: Fakhrul

Those for removing Zia’s grave livie in fools’ paradise: Fakhrul


BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Friday warned that the government will have to pay a heavy price if it tries to relocate Ziaur Rahman’s grave from parliament area in the capital.“Those who want to remove Ziaur Rahman’s grave are living in fools’ paradise. I would like to clearly say they (govt) must pay a heavy price if they try to remove it from there (Chandrima Uddan),” he said.
Fakhrul came up with the threat at a demonstration programme at the Jatiya Press Club, arranged by Dhaka City unit BNP protesting the removal of party founder Ziaur Rahman’s Swadhinata Padak from the National Museum.
The BNP leader urged the government to get ready for launching a fresh all-out anti-government movement to foil conspiracies against their party. “We’ve no time to sit idle now. We must get organised and united.”
Observing that the country has been pushed into a deep tunnel by the misrule of the government, he said a unity of people is necessary to save it and restore democracy.
Criticising the government for removing Zia’s Swadhinata Padak, he said the government has insulted the entire nation by taking away a valiant freedom fighter like Zia’s award.
“The illegal government’s the worst-ever decision also disgraced all the freedom fighters,” the BNP leader added.
He said the ruling party is trying to brand the BNP founder as a villain before the new generation by distorting history. “They won’t be successful as it is not possible to keep buried a truth for a long time since his name is there in the hearts of country’s 16 crore people.
Accusing the government of destroying the country’s democratic institutions by deviating from the Liberation War spirit, Fakhrul said, “Some time I feel why Awami League is resorting to deception and drama. What is the necessity of such a circus when they can announce a one-party Baksal role in the country?”
BNP standing committee member Mirza Abbas said there is no alternative to waging a movement to ‘restore’ democracy and the ‘rule of law’ in the country.
He also said it is Awami League, not BNP, has become loser by withdrawing Zia’s award.


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