Threat to RU teacher of kidnapping

Threat to RU teacher of kidnapping


RU Correspondent

A teacher of Rajshahi University has been threatened to be kidnapped unless fulfilling the demanded taka.A case has been filed with Boalia thana regarding this connection.

The teacher is Professor Hasan Pervez of Institute of Biological Science of Rajshahi Universty.

Victim said, On Monday at around 2.50am a call came from the number of 018201439344 identifying caller himself as JMB member and demanded 5 lakh thaka unless he would kidnap member of our family. At one stage of bargaining I agreed to pay 10,000 taka on next day, but he threatened me of kidnapping when I denied paying this amount.

Contacted, Sub-Inspector of Boalia Police station Selim Raja said, A general Diary has been filed this connection and we are investigating the matter.


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