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Tim Peake to help with space walk, Nasa says


UK astronaut Tim Peake is to be involved in assisting two astronauts carry out a space walk outside the International Space Station (ISS) next week.Fellow crew members Tim Kopra and Scott Kelly will go outside the ISS to fix a broken component, possibly as early as Monday, Nasa said.”It will be a very busy and interesting day for Tim,” said Libby Jackson from the UK Space Agency.Mr Peak arrived at the ISS on Tuesday.He is the first UK astronaut to be employed as a professional astronaut by the European Space Agency. The space walk is taking place so the astronauts can try to fix a component called the “mobile transporter” – a rail that runs along much of the length of the space station, which a robotic arm can move along.Mr Peake, who is spending six months in space, will be following the space walk from the inside, the BBC’s science correspondent Pallab Ghosh saidHis duties will involve getting the crew suited and out of the airlock while talking to mission control, he added.The mobile transporter became stuck on Wednesday.”The cause of the stall is being evaluated, but experts believe it may be related to a stuck brake handle,” said the mission’s operations manager, Kenny Todd.The space walk will be the third in Mr Kelly’s career and the second for Mr Kopra.Meanwhile, Mr Peake, who is spending his first weekend in space, has thanked the thousands of people around the world who sent him good luck messages.Source:BBC


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