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Tk 9,568b mega dredging plan keep rivers navigable


Dhaka – The government has taken a mega plan to conduct 2001 kilometers of river dredging and 690 kilometers of river training at a cost of Tk 956, 834 crore over the next 15 years, UNB news agency reported.The aim of this mega plan is to maintain the navigability of rivers, river management from which the country could reap the maximum benefit at the time when siltation is a threat in almost all rivers of the country.
The government has taken an initiative for capital dredging and management of major rivers of the country, according to a document obtained by UNB.
A feasibility study titled ‘Feasibility study of capital dredging and sustainable river management in Bangladesh’ has been done which included 24 rivers of the country.
There rivers are Padma, Ganges, Brahmaputra-Jamuna, Old Brahmanputra, Meghna (upper), Karnaphuli, Atrai, Ghaghat, Teesta, Dudh Kumar, Dharala, Hora Sagar, Titas, Tangi Khal, Shitalakkhya, Juri, Dhonu, Dholai, Bhogai Kangsa, Monu, Dakatia, Madaripur Beel route and Ghoshiakhali.
This study recommended dredging of 2001 kilometers of rivers and river training of 690 kilometers in phases over the next 15 years.
Meanwhile, the government under ‘Capital (pilot) dredging of river system in Bangladesh’ carried out river dredging of 22 kilometers at upper and lower parts of Hardpoint in Sirajganj and Nolin Bazar of Bhuapur under Tangail district.
According to the document, the consultant firm has stated that before implementing any project as per this feasibility study there should be a ‘detailed engineering study’. The reason behind this study is with the change of time the morphology of rivers along with social and environmental elements is being changed.
Proper steps will be taken as per the completed feasibility study to dredge the rivers gradually, the document said.
Besides, another project titled ‘Rehabilitation of embankments & re-excavation of rivers/khals’ at a cost of Tk 1905.91 crore is now under process in the Water Resources Ministry. Under the project, there is a plan to re-excavate 7,456 kilometers of river/khal across the county.
There is another project under process in the same ministry titled ‘Preservation of river banks’ for preserving river banks along with implementing dredging across the country. The estimated cost of this project has been fixed at Tk 203.88 crore.
Besides, the Water Development Board is implementing some projects to bring back navigability of some rivers through dredging.
These projects are Reclaiming Garai River (Phase-2), Reclaiming the Buriganga River (new Dhaleswari-Pungli-Bongshi-Turag-Buriganga river system), re-excavation of the Bhairab River, Re-excavation of Bemalia, Longon and Bolvodro rivers, Preservation of right bank of the Jamuna River in Kazipur upazila in Sirajganj district, Early flood prevention and drainage development of haor areas and re-excavation of the Titas river (Upper) in Brahmanbaria district.


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