Top health benefits of eating seafood

Top health benefits of eating seafood


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From saltwater and freshwater fish to deep water shellfish, seafood is a beloved delicacy. Seafood is nutrient-rich, serves as a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and in the reduction of common diseases. Here are the top health benefits of eating seafood.

Provides essential nutrients: Though the specifics depend upon which type seafood you consume, seafood is known for being a natural source of vitamins and minerals. B-complex vitamins, vitamin D and vitamin B.

Promotes heart health: Seafood’s greatest health benefit lies in its abundant source of omega-3 fatty acids that significantly reduce cardiovascular risks.

Good for your joints: Eating seafood on a regular basis has been proven to ease the symptoms of arthritis.

Maintains eyesight: Sea fish and shellfish can boost your night vision.

Good skin: The omega-3 fatty acids in seafood protect the skin against UV rays from the sun and can help reduce the prevalence of acne.

Boosts brainpower: Seafood omega-3s may lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. A sufficient intake of omega-3 fatty acids promotes proper brain growth in infants and children.

Fights against depression: Consuming more seafood can help you have more positive outlook on life.

Pregnancy benefits: Seafood consumption aid in reducing preterm delivery and is essential for central nervous system development.

Improves immune function: Increased omega-3 consumption can reduce the symptoms of asthma and certain allergies.


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