Toya's Bengali Beauty to enthrall US

Toya’s Bengali Beauty to enthrall US


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Lux Channel i superstar Mumtaheen Chowdhury Toya’s debut film Bengali Beauty is going to be released in 12 cinema halls in US. The film is directed by Rahsaan Noor. The film is going to be released on February 12.  With this, the much anticipated film is releasing way ahead of Dhallywood release.About releasing her debut film in US, Toya is very much happy. “The joy is different when you act in film. The film industry has a big frame and thus people expect more from us.
The film has a wonderful story and I am eagerly waiting for something special,” she said. “My debut film is releasing overseas, it is a great achievement for me. Now a day’s many of our local films are hitting overseas. I am very much hopeful for this movie,” added Toya.
The trailer of the film has already been released online and the trailer reveals a joyful romance between Mumtaheen Toya and Rahsaan Noor, who will also star in the film besides directing.
With 1970s Dhaka as the film’s backdrop, and a revolutionary mood, Bengali Beauty centers on a demure medical student (Toya) whom falls in love with a brash Bangladesh Radio deejay (Noor) while listening to his World Music show during the revolutionary ‘70s.


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