Trainee pilot Tamanna's family blames flying academy for deadly crash

Trainee pilot Tamanna’s family blames flying academy for deadly crash


Father Anisur Rahman, Deputy Director at the Directorate General of Health Services, says his daughter would often talk about the academy’s irregularities and mismanagement.But the flying club has dubbed it an accident.A trainer aircraft caught fire while taking off at Shah Makhdum Airport before exploding. Her instructor was also injured.She was buried in Gazipur on Thursday.Tamanna enrolled at the flying academy’s Personal Pilot Licence (PPL) course two years ago after finishing ‘A’ level from Dhaka.A pilot has to log 50 flying hours to complete the course.She was flying the Cessna D-152 plane with her instructor on Wednesday, a day after she was cleared to fly solo after logging 17 hours under supervision.The mood at Nikunja home of Tamanna’s father was gloomy on Thursday.Anisur Rahman was breaking into sobs holding his daughter’s coffin while his wife Rehana Rahman sat motionless.He recalled conversations with Tamanna about the flying academy.
“My daughter told me that everything in the academy was wrong. How can they run the academy if they are not up to speed?” he wondered.Mother Rehana said, “She told me many times that neither the instructors nor the planes were good.”Tamanna’s brother Ariful Rahman, holding her picture and crying, asked his father, “Time and again she said the academy did not follow any rules in doing anything. Why would you keep sending her over there?”But captain (retd) Sahabudidn Ahmed, member of Bangladesh Flying Academy and General Aviation Limited’s executive committee, refuted the allegations.“I’m sympathetic to her family but it was a mere accident,” he said.
But it was not enough to console Tamanna’s father.“It is not an accident,” he said. “They have killed my daughter.”
He urged the government to shut down flying clubs if irregularities were found there.Sahabuddin of the flying academy said they took great care of safety issues.The Cessna plane, he said, faced an ‘engine failure’ after climbing about 600 feet. It tilted to its right when the pilots tried to control it and the plane caught fire.“The pilots tried emergency escape after failing to make an emergency landing when the plane exploded, killing the trainee pilot,” he said.Sahabuddin said Tamanna and two other female trainees had successfully flown ‘solo’ on Tuesday, a day before the accident.A congratulatory party was organised to celebrate their success, he recalled.“The plane (Cessna D-152) would not have been allowed to fly if maintenance was not good,” he told Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh has formed a five-member committee to investigate the’s Rajshahi correspondent said the committee members visited the accident site on Thursday. They collected evidence and recorded statements of airport officials and witnesses. -BDnews24, Dhaka


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