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Trial surely of those who made war criminals ministers: Hasina


Dhaka – Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday reiterated that those who had made war criminals ministers and MPs must face trial one day in Bangladesh, UNB news agency reported.
“The war criminals who have been convicted and even their verdicts were executed had been made MPs, ministers in the past with the portfolio of Agriculture, Industries and Social Welfare by BNP. Those who (BNP) did it will surely face trial,” she said.The Prime Ministers was speaking with the leaders of Jatiya Sramik League when they met her at her official residence Ganobhaban marking the 47th founding anniversary of the party.
Sheikh Hasina asked the leaders and workers of Jatiya Sramik League to convey such message to people that the trial of those culprits would be held on Bangladesh soil.
She asked the leaders and workers of Jatiya Sramik League to publicise the government steps taken for ensuring the rights and welfare of workers, strengthen the organisation further and take steps for the training of workers.
“The more the economy will prosper the better will be our people’s lives, ” Hasina told the Sramik League leaders.
Continuing her attack on the BNP and its chairperson for their hue and cry over the cases filed against them, Hasina said whether the cases filed against them and their chief are true or false would be proved in court. “But, the BNP top leader fears to face the court. as she had embezzled orphans’ fund.”
Hasina alleged that BNP activists burnt innocent people to death and damaged huge public property to foil the January 5 polls and then again for three months in 2015 as per the order of the BNP chief and its leaders.
She said that those who tried to become rich overnight could not last long in power as their wealth usually washed away, their children resorted to money laundering as Khaleda Zia did.
Recalling the role of the working class in all the democratic movements, she said even in the movement against Khaleda Zia after her massive vote rigging in February 15 election in 1996, the labour class, especially the Jatiya Sramik League, had played a very good role.
Listing various steps of her government taken for the welfare of workers, Hasina said her government has enacted the labour law after assuming office in 2009 for protecting the rights of workers, raised their wages.
Mentioning that the private sector is now expanding, the Prime Minister asked the leaders of Jatiya Sramik League to look into the interest and welfare of workers in the non-formal sector through building organisations.
“We’ve strengthened our economy enough so as increased the purchasing power and per capita income of our people. We’ve also opened up the private sector alongside the public sector so that there is enough employment generations,” she added.
Referring to the widespread mismanagement in sending workers abroad, the Prime Minister said her government has not only ensured the rights and security of the workers working at home, but also taking steps to ensure the rights, safety and security of the Bangladeshi workers who are now working abroad.


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