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Tribute to Dr. Azizul Hasan


The other day I tried to help one of my senior colleagues who asked me to give the name and address of a good internal medicine doctor. It may be mentioned here that my colleagues, friends and relative often ask me to provide them with the particulars of a good doctor because I had consulted with several doctors in connection to my late mother’s illness and currently my ailing sister. Dr. Hasan was more than a good physician to me.
Meanwhile I contacted with the Apollo Hospital Dhaka where Dr. Azizul Hasan had been working as the Coordinator and Senior Consultant in the Department of Internal Medicine. But I got a serious jerk as the person at the Apollo call center informed me that Dr. Azizul Hasan had died last month (Innanillahe wa inna illaihe rajeun).May God grant his soul eternal peace.Dr. Azizul Hasan was a highly qualified and experienced doctor. As a person he was very gentle and sympathetic to patients. He used to carefully listen to the patient’s problem and try to prescribe appropriate medicine. In case if he was in dilemma with prescribing medicine, he would take time. In one instance, he asked me to call him on cell to get his final decision on some drugs for my sister. He would not hold a patient for long but referred to some appropriate specialist. Dr. Hasan’s special strength was his ability to unravel complex medical problems and reach sensible clinical judgement.
Dr. Azizul Hasan was a regular reader of my writings in the national newspapers. He used to appreciate my involvement in the art of writing calling this voluntary pursuit as a great service to the nation and humanity. He encouraged me a lot. So, I feel it from my heart to write a few words paying tribute to late Dr. Azizul Hasan who I would confidently say had fulfilled his commitment to his noble profession.
Yours truly,
Professor M Zahidul Haque
Department of Agricultural Extension & Information System
Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University


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