'Try war criminals in AL, family'

‘Try war criminals in AL, family’



BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia on Sunday called for trying what she said the war crimes suspects in the family of the Prime Minister and her party for a transparent war crimes trial.

She made the call at a programme organised on the eve of Christmas and New Year.

“The Awami League forged alliance with Jamaat-e-Islami to wage a movement for introducing caretaker government system in 1995. Before that, the Awami League had taken part in an election during the deposed military autocrat Ershad along with Jamaat in 1986. Wasn’t Jamaat war criminals at that moment,” asked the opposition chief.

“Now they have become war criminals. It’s good news that you are trying them. But the trial has to be transparent and neutral.”

“I want to tell the Prime Minister, only trying Jamaat leaders will not serve the purpose. Catch those war criminals among your relatives, family and your party, and try them.”

The programme was organised at the Chairperson’s Gulshan office for exchanging greetings with the Christians. She cut a cake on the occasion, and leaders of Christian Association and their family members thronged there.

“People of no religion are living in peace under the incumbent government. Prices of essentials, oil and gas went up competitively. People are passing their days amid hardship. So, the Christian community will not enjoy the occasion though it means a lot to them.”

She claimed it was the criminals employed by the government who had attacked Buddhists in Cox’s Bazar’s Ramu, and it was the ruling party’s student front Bangladesh Chhatra League that hacked Biswajit Das.

She also cited the abduction of Porag Mandal and claimed his release was bought for a huge amount of money.

“The government did not stop its big talking even after all these. These types of incidents are recurring in the absence of trial of criminals and offenders.”

She alleged the government was providing its front organisations with firearms, and that the ruling party people were encroaching on property belonging to minority Hindu community.

“They are releasing top criminals on the one hand, and keeping our Acting Secretary General (Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir) in jail on false charges on the other.”

She cited the release of top criminal Bikash Kumar Biswas, and alleged he was released in exchange for Tk 5 crore.

Khaleda urged Christian leaders to join the BNP promising them due honor and scope to work for the party.

The former Prime Minister asked why war criminals were not tried when Awami League assumed power in 1996.

“The trial was not held as Jamaat was with the Awami league at that moment.”

She alleged the government politicised the judiciary, and that the people had lost their faith in justice system.


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