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Tufan lasts eventually!


Many people at home and abroad like the leadership of the present government. There is no hartal, procession and meeting for a long time by the opposition and even no procession by the students. If they try police are very much active to take action so that they will not do so. If some students think of doing so they have to face the fate of Siddikur. The Nobel laureate Dr Muhammad Yunus was in trouble and is still in trouble and his image has been tarnished to some extent. Eminent journalist Mahfuz Anam was also in trouble and same was the fate for the editor of Prothom Alo.We observed that journalists and government officials are caught under Section 57 of the ICT Act and sent to jail. But the police are reluctant to lodge a case against rape and some other crimes. It is also observed that most of the people don’t bother what is happening and even for the scratching of the 16th Amendment by the appellate division of the Supreme Court.
People don’t bother as to what Obaidul Kader and Muhit said about 16th Amendment or other issues. But they bother too much of load-shedding and when they cannot move from one place to another by bus, rickshaw and have to walk due to heavy traffic. People cannot walk on the roadside as there is either no walkways or the limited pedestrian footpaths are occupied by the shopkeepers on the roadside.
We also observed that many people from NGOs and other organisations like CityCell lost their jobs. Many master’s degree holders do not get jobs for years. The unemployment rate is increasing and it is alarming. People bother when Tufan Sarkar, leader of Sramik League rape and mistreat a girl and her mother and shave their heads after torturing them. Actually, these tortures touch every citizen of the country.
Sheuly Haque


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