Tune of Ayub Bachchu's song copied in Pakistan

Tune of Ayub Bachchu’s song copied in Pakistan


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Ayub Bachchu, the band leader of LRB has claimed that one of the band’s songs has been stolen by a Pakistani fashion house. This is a clear violation of copyrights the singer has claimed. The song in question is “Shei Tumi Keno Eto Ochena Hole”, for which Ayub  Bachchu claims to hold the copyright. Thus he would take necessary steps in time. Ayub Bachchu claims that he has lost his words for protest seeing the audacity of the players involved.
A duplicate tune of the song played on flute was first in Pakistan’s BizMax TV channel.

A commercial of Cross Stitch uses the tune. It was published on May 14 on online TV BizMax’s social media. A similar tune of the song was first published on YouTube by one named Rakibul Hasan. Rakibul Hasan published the tune in 2016. Ayub Bachchu claims that this has just become a game of pick and get since everything is available in the open sky now.


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