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Turkish Ambassador back, BD envoy leaves Dhaka


Turkish Ambassador to Bangladesh Devrim Ozturk returned on Friday after long three months’ stay in the Turkish capital of Ankara as ‘tension’ between the two countries apparently over the execution of war criminals has eased.Bangladesh Ambassador to Turkey M Allama Siddiki also left for Ankara on Wednesday last after two months’ stay here, a Foreign Ministry official told UNB over phone.
Both countries had called back their respective Ambassadors for ‘consultations’ following the execution of war criminal Motiur Rahman Nizami.was executed on May 11 this year.
The Turkish Ambassador also informed the Foreign Ministry here of his arrival through official channel.
After the incidents, Bangladesh described its relations with Turkey as ‘normal’ and there has been no ‘rift’ even after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s reaction to executed war criminal Nizami.
Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali, earlier, clarified that the Turkish Ambassador in Dhaka was not ‘called back’ rather he went to his country for ‘consultations’ which is normal in diplomacy.
Two weeks after Devrim Ozturk’s departure, Dhaka also called back its Ambassador in Ankara Allama Siddiki for “consultations”.
Earlier on May 19, the Turkish Embassy in Dhaka, amid confusion in the wake of media reports, said the Embassy here is open and fully operational.
Erdogan’s predecessor Abdullah Gul had also requested the Bangladesh government in 2012 not to pursue the trial of war criminals that apparently made the Bangladesh government surprised.
Meanwhile, Turkey called back three of its diplomats from its mission in Dhaka on charge of their involvement in the recent “failed coup attempt” in Turkey, said a diplomatic source.
The three diplomats, including Chargé d’Affaires of Turkish Embassy Ahmed Gurbuz, left Dhaka for the US and Russia instead of going back home.
Ahmed Gurbuz along with another diplomat reportedly flew to the United States, while another for Russia with his full family.
Quoting Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, international media on Friday reported that 32 of 208 diplomats recalled by Turkey after the failed coup attempt last month are still at large.
The Turkish government has received information that they have fled to various countries, the Turkish Foreign Minister was quoted as saying.


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