TV channels to air Humayun Ahmed's films

TV channels to air Humayun Ahmed’s films


Dhaka-Fans and different types of organizations and television channels will take the initiative to organize a variety of programmes around the birth anniversary of popular writer Humayun Ahmed on November 13.The Channel I has already made an announcement of airing the five films directed by Humayun Ahmed in November.
It will air on Thursday ‘Chandrakatha’ at 3.05 pm. ‘Dui Duari’ will be aired on November 5 at 1.05 pm. ‘Noy Number Bipod Sonket’ will be shown on November 10 at 3.05pm. In addition, on November 12 and 19, ‘Amar Ase Jol’ and ‘Srabone Megher Din’ will be shown at 1.05 pm on November 12 and 19 respectively.
Humayun Ahmed’s movies were usually adapted from his stories, the first of which, ‘Aguner Poroshmoni’, won the National Film Award in 1994 in eight categories.
Another of his movies, ‘Srabon Megher Din’, garnered him six more National Film Awards. The film was also preserved by British Film Institute as a cultural project on South Asian cinema in 2002.
Out of all his films, two of them, ‘Shyamol Chhaya’ and ‘Ghetuputro Kamola’ went on to be Bangladesh’s official entries to the Academy Awards for the years 2006 and 2012 respectively, but were not finally shortlisted.
Some of his other works include Durotto (2006), Nondito Noroke ((2006), Nirontor ((2006), Daruchini Dwip (2007), Saajghor (2007) and Priyotomeshu (2009).
He was also famous for directing television serials, including ‘Ei Shob Din Ratri’ (1985) which was followed by the comedy series ‘Bohubrihi (1988), the historical drama series Ayomoy (1988), the urban drama series Kothao Keu Nei (1990), Nokkhotrer Raat (1996) and Aaj Robibar (1999), along with several single episodic dramas.
A powerful voice in the Bangladesh literary world and clearly the most popular writer of the country, Humayun Ahmed, died on 19 July 2012.


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