UK, EU solve Northern Irish border status

UK, EU solve Northern Irish border status: Report


British Prime Minister Theresa May is reportedly planning to present the plan to her Cabinet on Tuesday. It would potentially solve one of the thorniest problems plaguing the Brexit talks.
Britain and the European Union have reportedly agreed to a compromise that would avoid a hard Irish border after Britain leaves the bloc in March 2019.
The legally binding deal would see Britain remain temporarily in the EU’s customs union, according to Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper.

Membership of the customs union would solve one of the biggest stumbling blocks in the Brexit negotiations by ensuring no border checks between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
British Prime Minister Theresa May is reportedly planning to present the compromise deal to her cabinet on Tuesday.
Her spokesman was nevertheless quoted by British broadcaster Sky News as calling the report “speculation.”
It would also avoid the need for an EU-backed “backstop” proposal that Britain has dismissed. That proposal would keep both Irish territories in the same trading area, but separate Northern Ireland from the rest of Britain.
The compromise would include an “exit clause” committing Britain to eventually leave the customs union. That clause could ensure the support of British lawmakers who have pressured May to seek a clean break with the EU.
Regulatory checks on goods would take place in factories and shops in the new deal, the newspaper said.
The revelation coincided with a letter from more than 70 business executives, also published in the Sunday Times, calling for a referendum on any final Brexit deal. -DW


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