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University admission test or doing business!


One day I talked to a banana retailer on the roadside. He told me that his son passed HSC with GPA5 this year from a reputed college of Dhaka. He did get GPA5 in SSC as well. The banana seller felt proud when he was speaking.
He said that he has fallen great trouble his son has already taken Taka 6000 for applying for to a few public universities to get admitted. There are a lot of units even in a single university. One cannot be sure that s/he will get a chance for admission and thus has to apply to almost all the units and it cost a lot of money. Interestingly, all the universities are advertising for admission almost at the same time. So students have to apply to those and appear at admission tests in quick succession.
He said that his son is very good in Math and science subjects but he got a poor grade in Bangla and only for this he will not be able to apply for admission to BUET but he will be able to apply for other Engineering Universities like KUET, RUET and CUET. BUET will select only 12000 participants for the admission test. There are more than 35000 thousand students who got GPA5. So, a large number of talented students will not be able to sit for the admission test at BUET.
It is heartening to note that our honourable President Abdul Hamid as asked the concerned authorities to arrange a combined admission test for all universities.
I would like to request prime minister Sheikh Hasina, the education minister, the education secretary and vice-chancellors of all the public universities to arrange one combined admission test for all the engineering universities and another one for general universities so that all meritorious students will be able to attend the test staying in their own divisional or district towns.
Mawduda Hasnin


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