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Unnatural deaths on rise in Bangladesh!


The Prime Minister and her cabinet members do not speak of anything regarding deaths and killings at present. They all are reiterating the murders, rapes and killings that happened more than 44 years ago.It shocks us a lot when we see in the newspaper that 26 people were killed today (15 December, 2015) in only road accidents. Moreover, apart from the dead it is noticed that there are a large numbers of people have been severely injured from these accidents where many of them will not able to work and will be dependents on their families. I personally know a victim of a road accident. He worked before the accident and now he is unable to work. He is fully depending on his family. I know how miserable his life is. Rape has increased alarmingly and it is occurring frequently even in buses, something which was never reported earlier. It is not uncommon for huge numbers of people being killed in launch or train accidents.
If we consider only the deaths in road accidents figure, it goes to around one lakh in the last eight years. How many deaths are needed to get attention our cabinet to speak out about the issue? The last eight years all the cabinet members have been making strong remarks against war criminals and their punishment but not against the present unnatural deaths that have increased.


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