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Unpardonable murder of two Palestinians


This happened on Saturday night. Fadi Alloun, 19-years-old, was shot dead when he ran to Israeli police to help him while being chased by Israeli settlers. The Israeli police shot him in cold blood while the settlers shouted, “Shoot him! Shoot him!” Then they cheered as he laid there dying!
Israel is claiming they shot him because he was attempting to carry out a stabbing, but the video clearly shows that he presented a danger to no one!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nj8gXqGh2V0&feature=shareIn another incident Ahmed Khatatbeh, 25-years-old, died in silence. Born deaf like his father and two of his brothers…he lived his whole life in silence. His death was no exception. He did not hear the Israeli soldiers’ shouts at the checkpoint on September 18th. He didn’t hear the sound of their rifles that shot him multiple times. He heard nothing. The IDF let him lay there for an HOUR before allowing an ambulance to take him to the hospital.
They wanted to make sure he died from his wounds. He did….a week after being shot. His death, too, passed in utter silence. No one took an interest in the killing of one more Palestinian. Not a word about it in the media. Ahmed was a good young man. He worked in construction in Nablus over the past few years. His deafness caused him to drop out of school in the third grade. He was trying to save money to get married, as his older brothers had done.
He was the last of six children still living at home. The Palestinian witnesses to his murder have been held in Israeli jails since the incident. The IDF also refused to allow his family to go be at Ahmed’s bedside at the hospital the night he was shot. He died on September 24th…the first day of Eid. He had never been in any trouble or involved in any violence in his life. An IDF spokesperson released a statement this week: “The terrorist was shot because he constituted a clear and present danger to the life of civilian passersby.” – Wire service


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