US Election Live: America voting for president

US Election Live: America voting for president


After nearly two years of bitterness and rancor, America will elect its 45th president Tuesday, making Hillary Clinton the nation’s first female commander in chief or choosing billionaire businessman Donald Trump, whose volatile campaign has upended U.S. politics.

Keep your eyes on and get latest updates on the US Presidential Election 2016.08:40pm, Tuesday (BD Time): Former Republican presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann told BBC that she fears the election could be stolen from Donald Trump because the Democrats engage in voter fraud. World At One presenter Martha Kearney caught up with Ms Bachmann as she was being whisked to her car and asked whether Donald Trump would accept the election result.08:30pm, Tuesday (BD Time): Joe Biden has cast his ballot. Donald Trump is on his way now as well. Among others, Martin O’Malley, Kelly Ayotte, Charles Rangel and Governor Hassan with family just hit the polling stations.New Jersey governor and longtime Donald Trump acolyte Chris Christie, fresh off of a blistering week in state politics, apparently cast his vote early morning.


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