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US Export-Import Bank chairman sees business prospects in BD


Mohammad Zainal Abedin
New York – Mr. Fred P. Hochberg, the Chairman And President of the Export-Import Bank of the United States of America hails Bangladesh for its consecutive growth rate.
Hochberg while briefing the journalists at roundtable on ‘U. S. Export and investment in Sub-Saharan Africa’ held at Foreign Press Center at UN Plaza, NY on May 16 said, it is the duty of Bangladesh to create investment friendly atmosphere to attract foreign investment. When asked by the ‘GreenWatch Correspondent’, why his bank gives attention to Africa instead of Bangladesh, Hochberg, who visited Bangladesh February last, said, “I totally agree (with you). In fact, I discussed this with Ambassador Bernicat when I came back from Bangladesh. I think that there are far more opportunities in Bangladesh for American exports and American companies. I think it’s been – experiencing the strong growth of 6.5 percent, not relying on commodities at all but the industry of people and finished goods. … I want to talk about it because I think there are a lot of opportunities. And in fact, Matt joined me on the visit to Bangladesh. I think there are a lot more opportunities there than might meet the eye.”
He said, “And the reason I went there in large part was because a number of exporters said, “We see opportunities there. Would you go there?” So I went really because exporters were seeing opportunities, and we follow our exporters to make sure they have the financing to complete their transactions.”
When asked why American companies are investing more in India though Bangladesh offers more lucrative concessions to the foreign investors, he said, it is the responsibility of Bangladesh government to attract the investors by restoring and ensuring investment-friendly atmosphere. American companies are independent and they would invest in those countries which are more and more profitable for them.


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