US not sure of IS presence

US not sure of IS presence


The US is not sure about the presence of ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) in Bangladesh, but says is working with the government to “assess” who is responsible for the recent murders of foreigners.“It’s for law enforcement authorities there in Bangladesh to confirm responsibility. It’s up to them to do this,” a State Department spokesperson said in reply to a question at a regular press briefing on Monday.“But I think it’s prudent for us to take ISIL claims seriously, and we do,” John Kirby said.The ISIL reportedly claimed responsibility for the murders of an Italian and a Japanese national.They also reportedly claimed responsibility for the bomb attacks on the Shia Muslims’ mourning procession preparation on Ashura, the first such attack targeting the community in Bangladesh.The Bangladesh government refuted such claims and law-enforcing agencies said, following some arrests, that the acts were aimed at putting the government under international pressure.
The US, which is leading the global fight against the radical ISIL, condemned the attacks and urged to bring the perpetrators to justice.

“It’s difficult to say the degree to which ISIL is or is not operating in Bangladesh. I’m not at a position where I can make that determination”, said Kirby while replying a query.“But there’s an investigation going on right now…if there’s a need to be helpful, we want to be helpful.We just need… to let the law enforcement agencies there in Bangladesh investigate this and come to their own conclusions.“e’re working closely with the Government of Bangladesh and key partners to assess who is responsible for these attacks and to help bring them to justice,” the spokesperson said.


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