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Viber, WhatsApp messaging aps face closure in Bangladesh


Bangladesh government will indefinitely shut down instant messaging applications such as Viber and WhatsApp as a part of a crackdown on terrorists who uses them as a tool to communicate, Prime Miniser Sheikh Hasina told Parliament on Wednesday.The Premier was responing to a question from independent Member of Parliament Haji Mohammad Salim.
She said, “Some bad things always come with the good ones. Some people are committing crimes taking advantages of ‘Digital Bangladesh’.”
“These miscreants and criminals must be caught.”
Salim, a leader of Awami League’s Dhaka metropolitan unit, in his question had sought the prime minister’s help in shutting down these applications used by terrorists.
Hasina said, “No militants and terrorists will be spared. The government has plans to shut them (the apps) down for a while to catch the terrorists.”
“They will be closed indefinitely to identify the terrorist and nab them.”
The prime minister said her government would take all measures necessary to protect the people. – News Desk


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