Virat dislikes about Anushka Sharma

Virat dislikes about Anushka Sharma


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Anushka Sharma has forever shied away from talking openly about her relationship with Virat Kohli, but the star cricketer compensates for both. Every now and then, Virat Kohli shares an adorable picture of the two or makes an aww-worthy statement that keeps their fans wishing for more.

This time around, apart from all the amazing things he had to say, he also pointed out the one and only thing he does not like about the gorgeous actress. “I love that she’s honest and always caring. I don’t hate but one thing I dislike is that she’s always 5-7 minutes late. She’s been with me throughout and we have a great understanding. She’s improved me as a person in last 3-4 years that we’ve been together,” shares Virat.

The two have kept their relationship personal and we have no complaints about it. During the initial phase, Anushka was dissed quite a bit by the fans for Virat being out of form during matches, but the captain handled it well. “She had no relevance to the defeat. She only has a positive effect on me. But people found her guilty. Strange! My relationship with Anushka has only become stronger because of that incident. We have gone through this together. We have stuck to each other through this.”


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