Water reservoir can mitigate drought condition in Barind area

Water reservoir can mitigate drought condition in Barind area


More water reservoirs in the drought-prone Barind area could be effective means of lessening its gradually mounting pressure on groundwater table coupled with mitigating its water-stress condition.

Researchers and scientists concerned revealed this while talking to BSS,they said water reservoir is very much important for aquifer recharge. They added that adequate measures should be taken for enriching the surface water resources mainly for irrigation purposes.

Prof Chowdhury Sarwar Jahan of Department of Geology and Mining of Rajshahi University opined that the drought has become a recurrent natural phenomenon of the region in recent decades posing a serious threat to the region’s public health, cropping system and biodiversity.

Referring to various research findings, he said the groundwater level is continuously declining at an average rate of 0.10 meter per year due to extreme heat and drought.

He said management and conservation of surface water has become an urgent need for addressing the adverse impacts of climate change that has been acknowledged as a major threat to the drought-prone region in the present context.

Terming the depletion of groundwater table as a major threat to the habitat he said it is important to develop strategies and policies to address the issue.

Prof Chowdhury said emphasis should be given on reducing the pressure on groundwater table through increasing the use of surface water for irrigation purposes in addition to creating mass awareness among people about reasonable use of water.

Sharing his working experience Jahangir Alam Khan, Assistant Project Coordinator of DASCOH, said optimum aquifer recharge in the Hard Barind area is very important to protect its overall public health alongside the existing agricultural ecosystem by managing a groundwater basin efficiently and effectively.

He mentioned that the drought-prone area is turning into an extreme drought zone owing to scarcity of water, adverse impact of climate change and other environmental degradation.

Indiscriminate groundwater extraction may accelerate the deforestation ntrend. On the contrary, proper management of the existing water resources is very important for safeguarding the ecological balance and survival of the living beings.

He said the authorities concerned should have a plan to promote aquifer recharge for developing irrigation facilities.

Jahangir Khan referred to various forms of water pollution and contamination of water and noted that effective measures should be taken against water and environment pollution on an emergency basis, reports BSS, Rajshahi.



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