Wife's extramarital affair behind Rathish murder: Rab

Wife’s extramarital affair behind Rangpur PP Rathish murder: Rab


Special public prosecutor Rathish Chandra Bhowmik, found dead in the city early Wednesday five days after he went missing, was killed due to an extramarital affair of his wife, said Rab Director General Benazir Ahmed.

Based on the information gleaned from his wife Snigdha Sarkar Dipa, members of Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) dug out Rathish’s body from the ground floor of an under-construction building at Tajhat Mollahpara around 2am.

Later, victim’s brother Sushanta Bhowmik identified the body.

Speaking at a press briefing at the Rab-13 headquarters, Rab Director General Benazir Ahmed claimed that Snigdha, an assistant teacher of Tajhat High School, and her colleague Quamrul Islam who were in an illicit relationship strangled the lawyer to death on Thursday night.

“Snigdha had an extramarital affair with Quamrul. On Thursday night (March 29), Snigdha made Rathish unconscious feeding him milk and rice laced with 10 sleeping pills,” he said.

Later, both Snigdha and Quamrul strangulated Rathish to death, the Rab chief said, adding that they made the plot to kill Rathish two months back, and three other people assisted them to make the plan a success.

On Friday, Snigdha and her fiancé kept the body inside an almirah and later took it to the under-construction building site by a van where they buried it, he said.

Two of Quamrul’s students — Sabuj Islam and Rukonuzzaman — dug the earth to hide the body in exchange ofTk 300 each, Benazir said.

Meanwhile, police filed a case with Kotwali Police Station over the murder.

Rathish Chandra Bhowmik, who represented the state in the Japanese citizen Kunio Hoshi and Khadem Rahmat Ali killing cases, had remained missing since Friday morning.

On Tuesday night, the elite force members picked Snigdha up for interrogation over the missing of her husband.

Following Snigdha’s statement confessing to her involvement in the murder, Rab recovered the body of the lawyer from the under-construction building of the brother of Snigdha’s colleague Quamrul Islam.

Earlier on Monday, Quamrul and his colleague Atiar Rahman were detained over the incident.


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