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Wishing best for Bangladesh Biman


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina recently inaugurated two Boeing 737-800 aircraft Meghdoot and Mayurpankhi of Biman Bangladesh Airlines. During the inauguration ceremony, the Prime Minister asked the staff of Biman Bangladesh Airlines to ensure service to passengers and maintain flight schedules.
While sincerely appreciating the initiative taken by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her government to strengthening both technical and operation segments of the national flag career Bangladesh Biman, I would, as a stakeholder of Biman like to request the Bangladesh Biman to pay more attention to the needs of the ailing/disable passengers. Last November I went to Chennai for the treatment of my ailing younger sister who has been suffering from spine problem. At the time of return to Dhaka, I took decision to travel by Biman Bangladesh, our national airlines. Accordingly I asked the hospital travel desk officer to book two Biman tickets for us from Kolkata to Dhaka. Within 10 minutes the desk officer confirmed booking of our tickets on Indigo airlines for Chennai to Dhaka together with confirmation of a wheel chair for my sister. But it had taken a long time to reach to the appropriate Biman authority for booking our tickets. Still they couldn’t confirm a wheel chair. I was advised to contact Biman Kolkata office to arrange the wheel chair on payment. After our arrival to Kolkata I contacted the Biman office over phone and I was given a Biman official’s phone number to contact him at the Kolkata airport on the day of the flight. I was rather worried because as per rule a passenger has to get the requisition for a wheel chair approved in the ticket. Well, I was lucky because the Biman official was there and was gracious enough to provide my sister with a wheel chair on payment of INR 1350/-. Then we reached safely to the final departure lounge after completion of all the formalities. Here we were informed that the flight is delayed as it could not depart from Dhaka in time. Well, we’re again lucky because the flight finally departed from Kolkata at 12 noon instead of 10 am. We reached safely to Dhaka airport. But again there was a problem because no wheel chair was sent to the aircraft. There were three wheel chair passengers including my sister. We were asked to wait in the aircraft but there was no end to the waiting. A Biman lady officer expressed her profound regret at the delay in arriving wheel chair. She told me that the Captain of our flight had sent message for wheel chair from the mid-air. Even the team of the next flight crews had boarded on the aircraft but still there was no sight of wheel chairs. At last the wheel chair had arrived and two young lady attendants were there to push the wheel chair. All the passenger buses of Biman had then left the scene. I had to walk a long distance often helping the lady attendant to push sister’s wheel chair to reaching at the arrival lounge. One thing I would like to mention here that we had to pass through a jumbo jet’s wing of a certain airlines which was starting for the taxi-way. I am afraid, any sort of accident might occur while passing through an aircraft, engine of which was started. One thing, the ground staff must strengthen communication with the flight staff at Dhaka airport.
It may be mentioned here that other airlines do not charge any extra fees for wheel chair. On our way to Chennai when we reached to Kolkata airport from Dhaka, the Jet Airways brought us to the arrival lounge together with my sister’s wheel chair by a bus exclusively used for us.
I sincerely hope that the Bangladesh Biman will pay more attention to improving passenger services and every members of Biman family would devote themselves in making our national airlines a profitable and
favorite airlines for all. Best wishes for Biman Bangladesh!
Yours truly,
Professor M Zahidul Haque
Department of Agricultural Extension & Information System
Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University


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