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World Bank puts pol turmoil loss at Tk 17,150 crore


Bangladesh has suffered a financial loss of around $2.2 billion or around TK 17,150 crore in the current fiscal year especially over the last three months due to political turmoil, said the World Bank.
The World Bank revealed the findings on Sunday in a report of Bangladesh Development Update Report 2015 launched at its Dhaka office. World Bank Country Director Johannes Zutt was present.
“The country has incurred an estimated financial loss of $ 2.2 billion in the current year due to political turmoil in Bangladesh,” World Bank’s Lead Economist Dr Zahid Hussain said unveiling the report.
Answering to a question, Dr Zahid Hussain said the financial loss was estimated in three sectors — agriculture, industries and the services sector.
Out of the total estimated loss, he said the services sector, especially the transport and retail and wholesale sector suffered the most with 68 percent followed by industry sector 25 percent and agriculture sector 7 percent.
Dr Hussain said although the blockades alongside hartals continued for 92 days after this January 5 enforced by the BNP-led 20-party alliance, actually 60 days were brought into consideration of the estimation of the losses since the intensity of the movement was higher at that time.
He said the estimation of loss has been made on assumption and if the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) does some rapid survey in this regard, then it would much helpful for the government to take decisions and work accordingly with the survey findings.
The World Bank Lead Economist also noted that the huge financial losses in January, February and March this year was more than the first three months in 2013 because of the timing and duration.
He said since it was the dry season, the losses incurred was huge as the three months was the peak time for production.


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