World have to go through a 'transformative journey' : Prof Mustafizur

World have to go through a ‘transformative journey’ : Prof Mustafizur


Dhaka-Bangladesh needs to keep fighting at global forums to realise the commitments made by the developed nations for implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at national level and achieve global peace, said a leading economist here on Saturday.“We need to continuously hammer the partnership issues at the global stage and continuously put pressure (on global partners) so that they live up to their commitments,” said Executive Director of the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) Prof Mustafizur Rahman.
He said there can be no sustainable development without peace, and there can be no peace without the SDGs. “That means we won’t be able to achieve SDGs without peace and we need sustainable development to achieve peace.”
The CPD economist said the world will have to go through a ‘transformative journey’ through coordination of three desires — economic development, socially inclusiveness and environmentally sustainable.
Prof Mustafiz was addressing the International Peace Day symposium titled ‘SDGs: Building Blocks for Peace’ here as the keynote speaker.
United Nations Association of Bangladesh (UNAB) arranged the symposium with its President Justice Kazi Ebadul Hoque in the chair.
National Information Officer at the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) M Moniruzzaman read out the message of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the event while UNAB Secretary General Syed Mohammad Shahed conducted it.
The CPD economist laid emphasis on transparency, accountability and good governance to maintain peace in the country. “We need to ensure peaceful coexistence respecting differences of opinions.”
Emphasising the importance of free speech and space for civil society, Prof Mustafiz said it is important to give voice to all the people and remove inequalities from society with equal the distribution of economic benefits.
He said ending poverty in its all forms and removing hunger can ensure peace in any society. “The 17 goals of the SDGs won’t be achieved if peace remains absent.”
The CPD economist said though the goals are universal but these goals will have to be implemented nationally. “Peace has a role in each of the 17 goals.”
Prof Mustafiz also laid emphasis on just society and inclusive development to remove inequalities.
Ebadul Hoque said peace is unlikely to be achieved if hunger and poverty are not removed from society. “Peace gets disrupted following various types of deprivations. We need to end discrimination in society,” he added.
Quoting UN Chief’s message, Moniruzzaman said sustainable development is essential for lasting peace, and both depend on respect for human rights.
“And only by working together we can make our common home safe for future generations,” he quoted the UN chief as saying.
Every year, the International Day of Peace is observed on September 21 globally with a crucial reminder that conflict must end.


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