Young film maker Rasel Ahmed passes away

Young film maker Rasel Ahmed passes away


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According to the hospital report, Rasel died due to a heart attack

Young film maker Rasel Ahmed passed away on May 15. He was ready to release his first film Nree. According to the hospital report, Rasel died due to a heart attack. He and his wife Ethel Ahmed were residents of North Badda. His body was taken to his village in Barisal on Tuesday.

Rasel Ahmed’s debut feature film Nree is about the essence of humanity. It tries to portray the message that matters like race and belief should not create division among people. The strongest bond that ties everyone together is the shared bond of being human.

Beside this, his other works like Confession and Flyover got positive reviews from audiences and critics.

His sudden death has saddened his colleagues in the industry, some of whom have posted quick reaction to the social media.

Mostofa Sarwar Farooki

“It was like a thunder storm to me to know that young film director Rasel Ahmed is no more. He called me twice or thrice and met with me to show his trailer. I can’t even remember what we talked about! But his eyes, his love for his work is still resonating inside me! His intense desire to finish his film was stringer than the thunderstorm going on outside now!”

Abu Shahed Emon

“Rest in peace Rasel, Film Director of an upcoming Bangla cinema Nree! Feeling devastated after hearing your news!”

Masud Hasan Ujjal

“How unfortunate I am, that I didn’t even get to know him. I just got to watch the trailer! And this is full of so many cinematic shots! This is unbelievable! Rasel Ahmed, this is my bad luck that I didn’t get any chance to meet you. I also don’t know if I will be able to see my first release or not! Your departure makes me feel empty.”


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